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*Think AC/DC* I’m back in TYE DYYYYYYE!!

Today I worked from home. Mostly because my job is awesome, but also mostly because it was icy and snowy out and I reverted back to 6th grade where snow meant no school, a wet butt and hot chocolate in front of the fireplace. And as I sit here, trying to find the inspiration that I lost over 6 months ago, I realized that my awesome job and my Pavlovian response to the white stuff have been part of what’s kept me from leaving my immediate property since Saturday afternoon. It’s Wednesday. And added to THAT insanity is the repressed anger that I’m currently feeling towards the kids that came by earlier today to shovel my sidewalk, who forgot to mention that their service was prorated based on the amount of cash that they were given to do it. Apparently, $10 bucks buys you 3/4 of a shoveled sidewalk. And even stranger than my green/blue plaid pant and tye dye shirt attire is the fact that I am totally ok with ALL of that.

I expressed my concern of possibly being labeled as a shut-in the same way any normal woman in her mid to late 20’s does – via gmail and facebook status updates, of course! – and it was my dear Walter who summed it all up into a neat little package for me:

It doesn’t make you a shut in. It’s totally ok that you never leave your house, get mad at the neighborhood kids, and are outnumbered by animals 4 to 1.

Ouch. Sometimes the truth hurts. But in a seriously hysterical way. This is my life, you CAN’T make this shit up.


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Snowflakes on my window

The other night, snow was falling and the snowflakes were so beautiful, I had to try to get a pic or two. Sadly, I was not having the best of luck with my camera on such a day, and it’s a sad realization when you are unable to get the detail that the naked eye can see, on film. Forgive the quality, I know it’s less than impressive, but you are still able to make out some of the specific snowflakes and their awesome shapes.





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Second Edition of F-Y-Fs

Thank you and welcome to the second ever edition of Fuk-You-Fridays! I know I missed a week, but isn’t that what life is all about?

This week actually surprised me with it’s inability to stomp me down. Despite all that was thrown at me, I managed, SOMEHOW to come out on top, and by that I mean without lapsing back into my “I hate life and all that it embodies” mentality.

Monday was spent as most mondays are – hating the fact that the all-to-short weekend was over and I was once again, subjected to my cubicle worklife. There is just something about being surrounded by 3 and a half walls which will slowly suck the sanity right out of a person. I’ve reverted back to adolescents and have started throwing paperclips again to anyone whose voice seems within hitting distance. The big ones fly further, for anyone who’s interested. Tuesday was spent biting my nails, waiting for the pending weather to hit. Thanks to my blatent mistrust of meteorologists, I never watch the weather and it was only due to my mother having called me in the morning that I had any clue whatsoever that there was anything looming on the horizon. Thankfully, the weather men were, once again (Surprise, surprise!) WRONG and the shit didn’t hit the fan until that evening. Enter Wednesday: My basement flooded again. Apparently, overnight, there was a little snow, a little ice and then a LOT of freezing rain/sleet/rain and the combination of the 3 was enough to anger my house’s foundation and it gave up blocking the rain just like the offensive line did to Tom Brady in the Super Bowl. I was late to work, mostly due to the fact that, as previously discussed, Pennslyvania does NOTHING to their roads in any sort of a timely fashion. Interestingly enough, I heard on the radio that in York County, which is where I live, there are 12,000 ROADS and only 74 SALT TRUCKS. I bided my time until one of those trucks finally hit my road by digging a swail in my backyard in the ice topped snow attempting to divert as much water as possible AWAY from my home, and by rigging up the most ghetto looking thing underneath the one downspout that is overflowing due to it being filled with a buncha shit. AND I can’t get to it. By the time I got to work, it was 11, lunch came quickly after that and before I knew it, I was fighting traffic on my way home.

Thursday, as well all know, was Valentine’s Day. Please see my previous post so that I don’t have to totally reiterate myself.

Friday was the slowest day in existence and I seriously think that there were about 30 hours to it. And 25 of those were spent at my job. I’m not really certain as to WHY I’m suddently feeling like life itself is closing in on me whenever I walk into that office, but something is definitely going to have to change soon, or else, someone will find me drowning myself in the coffee pot one morning. Independent wealth would be a ridiculously awesome thing.

So, all in all here, my week wasn’t all that bad, and Friday wasn’t really trying to fuck me over, but this week also didn’t do much to help me out, either. All the while these things were happening, I’m having to continue to deal with my emotionally harrowing situation (which I choose not to discuss in detail in respect to the parties involved) which seems to be reverting back to what it was 6 months ago, and that’s enough to drive anyone insane, shitty week in combination or not.

Maybe next week I’ll live in bed, like John and Yoko. They got shit accomplished, why couldn’t I?


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The Courage to Change the things I can…

Today, it snowed. Rather, it snowed/iced/rained/slushed as it usually does in Southern Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, when it “weathers” in PA, I prefer to be home as they do literally NOTHING to the roads until after the precipitation stops, which, as you can imagine, leads to hellish road conditions when you are driving home in rush hour traffic surrounded by people who got their drivers licenses in Pennsylvania which does not REQUIRE you to take drivers ed. Yippee effing doo all around, letmetellyou.

Living in town, albeit a small town, as I do, everyone is responsible for cleaning off their own sidewalk. And if in fact, everyone does NOT, whomever doesn’t, gets FINED. How do I know this, you may ask? Well, the abbreviated version is that I know this because I was fined last year. Now, in fairness to me, it was thanks to the wanker who lives across the street, digging his car out from the literal blizzard, and THROWING HIS CAR DIG OUT ON MY SIDEWALK. Please keep in mind that for 6 extra inches of extra “umph!” the sunovabitch coulda had it in my yard. BUT noooooooo! He threw it on the sidewalk, AND THEN LEFT IT THERE. For a week, by which time it had half-melted and then refroze so many times it was like having a glacier 10 feet from my house. The jackass never did move it – the borough did, and I paid them for it, dearly.

Onto my point…

Tonight, as I shoveled off my sidewalk, from property line to property line, I paused for a moment to ponder over the karmic goodness I would receive by continuing my shoveling, for the sake of exercise, beyond the specific area of concrete jungle that I am responsible for and just shovel out my neighbors walk, too. And I am damn proud of myself to be able to say, with no fingers-crossed-behind-my-back HONESTY, that it took me a good, solid 10 seconds before I said outloud: “Shovel your own effing walk!”


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Why I smile everyday

Ironically, my Russel literally runs himself in circles sometimes. Guess I taught him a little too well, eh? Truthfully, he’s hyperactive as all get out, but it amuses me to no end. I think that even if they made doggie ritalin, I’d keep him off of it in the summertime, just so that he could enjoy himself.


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I am SO old

This weekend I have not been feeling 100%, so in an attempt to use as little energy as possible, and yet without sitting so idly I go insane, I’ve decided to work on a couple old projects that I haven’t finished, in an attempt to get them at least closer to completed. All of my projects, actually, happen to be scarves that I have about halfway completed. They started off as brilliant Christmas gifts, and now they’ve morphed into “You get this now because I just finished it” gifts. Things are definitely beginning to shape up though. This one is about 75% complete as of this moment. Hopefully, by the end of today, I can have 1 in 3 finished up! Whoo!


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An unbefitting end to a fantastic vacation

My long anticipated, yet short lived vacation to Paradise is now over. *Frown* Friday evening I was basking in the final moments of 80 degree Hawaiian weather, and today, I am cranking up my thermostat and sitting on my couch under a blanket with a fleecy top on and looking out into my snow covered yard. Talk about a shock to the system.

Yet, the dramatic decline of weather temperature was not the only shock to my system in regards to my return. No, no. My long-as-shit 10 hour flight turned into a 24 hour traveling adventure straight from the pits of hell. My original flight from O’ahu was to leave 11:55 pm HST Friday evening. At 2:45 am HST, it was cancelled. From then until about 5:25 am HST I was standing in lines: to reclaim my checked luggage off of the cancelled flight, to receive a hotel voucher for a nights stay, to be given a voucher for a cab ride back from the Hotel once I called the phone number I was given to find my OWN flight out of Honolulu, to wait for a shuttle to take us all to the hotel and then to actually check into the hotel. Yay, right? WRONG. Now, I am a self admitted control freak – when things don’t go according to plan, I don’t handle it well. Honestly, I freak out a bit. Especially when it comes to something like not having a flight off of an island that is over 4,000 miles away from my home…

After finally arriving in my hotel room at 5:30 am HST, and after basically losing my mental shit on the phone to my mother a couple of times over the last couple of hours, I called the airline from hell in an attempt to rebook my flight. After they tried to rebook me on the exact same flight leaving Honolulu at 11:30 pm HST on SATURDAY night, and after I basically told the gal on the phone that she needed to look outside of her airline company for flights or else I was going to track her down and steal her first born child, I was booked on a flight with a totally different airline that was due to depart at 7:30 am HST. Please remember that at this point, it was after 6 am, so I had all of about an hour to gather my shit, check out and get a taxi back to the airport which was 30 minutes away. And all of this on NO SLEEP in over 21 hours.

Thankfully, my cab driver was an Indy Car racer on the weekends, so I made it to the airport, made it through Agriculture, got my ticket and got to security with time to spare. ::ENTER MORE BULLSHIT:: I was lucky enough to be selected for what the Airlines like to call a “Special Screening.” Despite the seemingly fun and exciting name, it was nothing of the sort. Basically, it meant that my entire purse, carry on and person was picked through and patted down in front of everyone else going through the security check point themselves. I had to stand, shoeless, helpless and useless, along side of a table where the contents of my purse were dumped out and all things packed into my carry on were rifled through, some of which, really weren’t meant to be seen by ANYONE; much less the Asian guy doing the rifling. It was a harrowing experience that I have little want to ever be so “special” as to have to go through again.

So, after the taxi ride, the agriculture screening, the ticket mishap, the security frisking and the literal ass-hustling run across the airport to my terminal – I was officially on a flight out of Honolulu bound for San Francisco. Unfortunately, the flight was delayed in it’s departure from HNL, which meant that we were going to be delayed in landing in San Fran, which meant that there was a STRONG (READ: almost certain) possibility of me missing my connecting flight back home. The fun just didn’t want to end, it seemed. Gratefully though, even the powers that be realized that I had been through enough shit for one person, for one DAY, and they worked some magic which enabled the departing flight to wait for me and the other 24 people aboard my flight that were trying to make the same connection. THANK. FUCKING. GOD. Cause seriously, I think I would have run down the runway and jumped onto the landing gear with luggage in tow at that point.

SO! after a full 24 hours of waiting for my flight, not sleeping, standing in lines, making phone calls, waiting for mechanical problems to be resolved on the airplanes I was to fly on, actually flying on those airplanes with their corrected mechanical problems, getting a numb ass, running from terminal to terminal, flying some more, not sleeping again, eating Valiums like candy in an attempt to not lose my shit, claiming my checked baggage only to find that my shampoo had been smushed and spewed my Biolage all over half of my clothing…as of 3am EST I am home. To 26 degrees and snow. But I AM HOME.

I do have many, many more absolutely awesome memories to share, and I am currently planning a post from my trip to the unbelievably moving USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor, but I felt the need to share my flying misery first and foremost. *smile* For now, I’m off to make myself something warm to drink and to meditate on warmer climates.


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