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October 14, 2007 –

Congratulations to my best friend and her new husband on their marriage Sunday!! Please allow me to be the first to speak of how absolutely awesome their nuptuals were! I am honored to have been a part of the consecration of their marriage and I wish them both the longest and healthiest of happy lives together. And the fact that I was the only one who’s speech made J cry was just an added bonus. Heh heh. Seriously though, “us” girls looked pretty awesome and I think J and her momma did a fantastic job planning it out – everyone had a bitchin’ time and the service was beautiful. I really couldn’t have asked for a better virginal wedding experience. I’ve uploaded the few pics that I was able to take myself to my flickr account so please don’t hesitate to take a peek! Below are a few of my favorites:

Jaime dancin' with her dad

J dancing with her daddy-o.


I missed J shoving cake in A’s face by a hair!

Jenn, A & I

My girlies J & A and myself.

Us girlies in the limo

Me, A, E, L & our bride, J, taking a limo ride to the castle.

My 'do

My hair looked so frickin’ awesome!!

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Marriage, Marriage everywhere!

Tomorrow is my best friend J’s wedding – I’m the MOH and it seems like all around me the last few months has been marriage, marriage, marriage!  Adding to the swarm of matrimonial energy – my sister and her boyfriend recently got engaged. They were in Hawaii for her birthday and he proposed on their last day there underneath a waterfall! How romantic! And as much as I love my sister, I have to say, I am NOT looking forward to help plan another wedding! J/K!! Truthfully though, her ring is absolutely stunning and I felt the need to share! Here’s to my sis and her fiance – Love you guys! And don’t worry, I’m a pro at this wedding stuff by now, so I’ll help. *smile*

My sis' engagement ring

Macro View

My sis and her fiance

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