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2007: Well, that Sucked!

Please allow me to put this into perspective for you: This time last year, I was filing a police report. 

My garage had been broken into, my car had been broken into and my entire lifetime’s worth of a cd collection (which, as a point of reference, had minimally 115 cd’s in it. And those were just the ones that I could think of for the cops) had been stolen. On New Year’s effing Day. What a way to start out the year, right? On day one, I had the sad realization that 2007 was not going to be my year.

It proved to be a relatively true trail for the rest of the other 364 days of this year past. What, with the constant relationship disappointments (read my blog – HA) and the Blind Melon concert/Philadelphia calamity , my depression, my lack of motivation, my binge drinking, my job change (which happened before I started this blog, therefore, there are no posts) and my constant annoyance with life in general, 2007 pretty much sucked my ass. Not to mention all the other little trivial things which just added to my already-struggling-to-deal-with existance. I am honored to say that, THANKFULLY, the even numbered 2008 has already proven itself to be far superior to the odd numbered 2007. Fuck odd numbers.

Despite the fact that I spent New Year’s Eve having dinner with my parents, and then passing out alone in my bed at 11:30 p.m., I can already feel the planets aligning in my favor. I can feel the tides turning and the gravitational pull shifting in my direction. Besides, my annual horoscope for 2008 told me so! 

Most of my positive vantage of this coming year comes from the fact that I have a fast approaching, AMAZINGLY AWESOME trip to Hawai’i planned to visit my high school friend Walter, in which I will be visiting not one, oh no, but TWO islands while I’m there! I fly into Oahu, where Walter is stationed (that’s isle #1) and the second of which shall be Maui, as an old friend of my mother’s resides there and has agreed to humor Walter and I by meeting us on the island and possibly taking us around for a tour. While on Maui, Walter and I are going to hike Haleakala, too! They say you could fit Manhattan inside the crater! We’re also going to take Walter’s Famous Jeep Tour around Oahu, we’re going to possibly go snorkeling, we’re going to hit up some awesome party venues thanks to the fantasticly fabulous Atherton Bartelby AND we’re going to drink ourselves stupid as often as possible. *smile* How could ANYONE not enjoy themselves?!

So to 2007, I say this:

You sucked. I am glad to be rid of you and may I never see the likes of you again. GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH!

To 2008:

Thank you for all the fantasticness that you have already given me, and may the fun continue into February, and beyond. *wink*

Onward and Upward, my friends! To bigger and better things! May everyone receive more of what that they want out of life. Happiness and Peace to all! SALUD!


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Happy New Year!!

 I’ve done it to myself again – I’ve been suckered into a posting marathon. This time, it’s much more severe than NaBloPoMo, this time, I have subjected myself to an ENTIRE YEAR’S VOW TO POST DAILY. I thought November was a tough month, but I made it through. Besides, I definitely found myself growing as a blogger/writer during that month and I noticed a dramatic decline in my want to post once the weight was off of my shoulders. Needless to say, I do better in life with goals and things to aim for, I work my best under pressure, and this will most assuredly pressure me. And in an attempt to start off 2008 in the not so usual way, I thought this was a slightly insane, and yet markedly brilliant way to break out of my “norm” and try something new. Who the hell knows? Maybe I’ll learn something from all of this. *smile*

Already this year, I have changed my hair cut and color (blog to come, just be patient!) AND I have treated myself to something that I have been wanting for a while. I bought myself an MP3 player. I decided that I was going to require more amusement during my 8 hour flight to Hawai’i than my could-potentially-be talkative neighbor and/or in-flight movie could provide. And when I’m doing yard work, I would enjoy some musical distraction as well. So, through a little word of mouth and a bit of research, I decided upon a Zune by Microsoft. Honestly, it was a piece of fucking cake to get started and the sound quality is fantastic. I really have no basis of comparison, aside from my own experience, but I mean, COME ON! Look at this totally awesome packaging!!

The Box

Wait, wait...there's more

Everything it came with

This was the pattern inside the box...TOO COOL!


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Lotus Bamboo Gift Photoblog


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And the unanimous decision is that I, in fact, DO have bats in my belfry

This morning I had an early christmas present hanging from my front door.

The pictures are not great, and I do apologize, but I was half asleep, ridiculously unsteady and rather apprehensive about the whole deal so the close up was taken by zooming in as far as possible in the attempt to maintain a lot of distance between me and it. But, after a few minutes and some preparatory pillow-case net making, I had the little guy in my P.C.N. and got him outside back into the cold faster than you could say “Oh my god! It’s going to get stuck in my hair!”

The brilliance to photograph the event sadly, does not belong to me. No, it was my mother, whom I was on the phone with at 5:30 this morning discussing battle tactics, that actually said:

“Well, you know, you should really take a picture of it! Before you try to catch it, run and get your camera!”

So this one goes out to my mommas. Don’t worry, I already emailed her copies. You think I let her read this?! HA!


Holy crap BATman!!


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Just when I was ready to shoot myself…

My mailbox had two Christmas cards in it when I got home this evening, bringing my total up to four so far this year. Eat THAT. Yet, despite my unpopularity as far as christmas cards go, all was right in the world as my dearest Walter had sent me one of them. I could identify it by her handwriting, and by the fact that the return addy was Hawai’i. Duh, right? (I never claimed to be a genius, ok?!?)

Her card brought me the biggest nugget of joy that I had ALL DAY. The first bit of laughter erupted because Walter celebrates Festivus, not Christmas, so to get a Christmas card from her is about as expected as me suddenly having no head/man/emotional/self esteem issues – and we all know the chances of that is slim to none. The card itself was pretty funny, too, but it was really the handwritten comment inside which made all the bullshit of today melt away into a puddle of hysterics on my kitchen floor. It read, and I quote:

I hope you have an awesome holiday season!

And if not? Who gives a shit, you’ll be in Hawai’i soon!


Oh Walter, how lucky I am to have you to remind me of the things that are REALLY important in life! I am so thankful to have had you as a friend for all of these years, and I can only imagine the fun and hyjinx we shall have in 22 FUCKING DAYS!!!! AWESOME!! Honolulu won’t know what hit it by the time that I leave! *wink*

Thank you for everything. I LURVE YOU!!


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Head Case – RIGHT HERE!

It’s been a harsh reality to accept, but I am SUCH a girl. It has nothing to do with my physical traits, or my Double X chromosomes or the fact that I have the dubious honor of having a uterus; no, it has to do with the fact that I am incapable of taking things at face value. I know that women are always trying to get away from the fact that we are a difficult species to identify with – we always say it’s the man’s fault and that we really aren’t that hard to interpret. Being a woman, I beg to differ. I cannot say that most women are the same as I, but I am definitely a hard one to figure out. Shit, I struggle with it myself. Case in point: I always find myself over analyzing a conversation, or replaying it in my head thinking “Damn, I should have said this instead of that.” I’m a master of insinuation. I can take a seemingly pointless conversation and somehow turn it into someone professing their love for me. I can take anything and spin it around 180 degrees with barely a flick of my wrist, and then I wonder why I feel like I am on a different page than most people.

Lately, I find myself rehashing a current situation over, and over again in my head to the point where I barely know which way is up. I feel like an ass continuing to ask for clarification, but then at the same time, I feel that I am really in need of some. Nothing has changed, persay, but somewhere along the lines, I have taken a communication and butchered it beyond recognition; and in that, I have made myself concerned. I do this often – it’s as if I cannot think in any other way than through cynicism. My horoscope today read:

Why is it that when you’re on the verge of getting what you want, you get wishy-washy and begin backtracking? It’s fear of fulfillment. Move past it, because you deserve to enjoy the good things in life.

HA! I say, HA! How dare anyone accuse me of being wishy-washy or of backtracking?!?! I don’t DO that, do I? Well, ok, maybe I can identify with that, but just a little. Ok, piss off, A LOT then, are you happy now?!? Some days I feel like I don’t deserve anything good in my life, maybe it’s more about having a LACK of good things, but I definitely worry about what it would actually be like to be fulfilled in life. I can’t say that I have ever BEEN in such a situation, so how then, could I be in fear of it? They say that it is the fear of the unknown which most concerns us…well, that is a fear greater to me than death. If I don’t let anyone in, I can’t get hurt. If I am not fulfilled, I’ll never know what I am missing in life. If I am alone, I can bitch about it until my hearts content without really having to put myself out there and risk it all. See? It makes sense in my fucked up head.

I wonder about myself sometimes. I wonder if I should go back into counseling. I wonder if I really am the person that I THINK I am. I wonder if I talk to much. I wonder if I’m too weird – what, with my uncanny ability to spew forth trivia and song lyrics for days on end with nary breaking a sweat. I wonder if there really is someone out there who will accept me at face value and not make me CHANGE, because change is definitely something to fear. I wonder if I’ll ever understand life and what it’s meant to be about. I know that there is a lot to be said for being independent and self-sufficient, but there is definitely a lot about life that I can’t do on my own. I can collect pets until I turn into the Crazy Pet Lady of the neighborhood, but I sincerely don’t believe that will help my sanity. So I’m feeling like I need to revert back to my “Moving the hell away from everyone that I know” plan…although that would constitute “backtracking” wouldn’t it? Damn it, I really hate when those things are right.


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A pic is worth a thousand words…


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