Who doesn’t like baked goods?

18 Jul

Yesterday was the midway point in what I’m deeming The Great Basement Debacle of 2011. My parents, goddess bless them, have been helping me by pulling all of my shit out of the basement, power washing & bleaching the floor and then applying some etcher/cleaner deal. We still have to prime the cement and stain/seal it but I can say that the worst part is definitely over. It’s been an obnoxious adventure, but truth be told, it’s relieving to be this far into it. We’ve been delaying this for at least two years because we KNEW it was going to suck. And it has not disappointed!

In the midst of all the bleaching and powerwashing and removing of shit, we had one issue that I discovered as I went to shower sunday night, and was greeted with colder than room temperature agua coming out of my shower head. Me, being the brilliant detective that I am, immediately realized that my pilot light must have gotten washed out, or blown out in the cleaning, and I needed IT in order to have the greatest rapture in my life at the moment – a HOT SHOWER. So I put some clothes back on, and ran down into my basement to analyze the situation. Here’s where some knowledge would have come in handy – while I am very able at cooking, baking, painting, tiling, spackling, cleaning and yard care – furnaces and hot water heaters are not my area of expertise, so I called my step father for some assistance. Unfortunately for me, he had no idea what to tell me and directed me to my father who always seems to know a lot about a lot. Dad kinda didn’t help me much either, suggesting that if the furnace said NOT to light the pilot by hand, then I shouldn’t do that. Enter my neighbor. Thankfully, over the years, I have developed a rapport with my neighbors two houses down, and the man of the house happens to be a plumber. A plumber who installed my furnace and hot water heater over a decade ago when someone else lived in this house. A plumber who keeps these immaculate and beautiful flower gardens. A plumber who gives me plants out of his pond, and I put some of my extra fish in his.

Thanks be to my neighbor, who stopped what he was doing (watering his gorgeous flowers!) to come over into my dank, dark, humid ass basement to look at my furnace and water heater. It was an easy fix, but he gave me his time and did so without so much as a second thought and being able to take a hot shower yesterday was such a reward that I decided the man needed some baked goods in appreciation, since he wouldn’t take a dollar from me. So tonight, I ran to the local Amish stand, got some absolutely delicious peaches and decided to throw a cobbler together for them. I did forget that blanching and peeling of the peaches was going to be a prerequisite to COOKING them, and it took me about twice as long due to this, but I think the finished product is still going to rock socks and be delicious. My dad taught me the little “Everyone loves baked goods” trick and I gotta say – it’s true! He lives in a neighborhood where he’s been surrounded by the same neighbors for probably 30 years and they all have the I’ll help you if you need it mentality. Not being a family with money falling out of our asses, my dad was ALWAYS baking or cooking something for someone as a Thank You. A little show of appreciation for someone helping you out, even if they think it was nothing, really does go a long way in this world, and a small token in the form of sweet, baked things ALWAYS seems to send the right message. I might not be able to change the world with peach crisp, but I sure can give my neighbor a delicious dessert, just for being good people. Oooh, I can almost FEEL the good Karma!


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