Nevermind Pandora, check out *MY* station

24 Jun

After my therapy session the other night, I was feeling really, seriously, incredibly introspective and it just so happened that my mp3 player, for the first time in it’s history, delivered an incredible list of tunes, perfectly in tune to my whacked out mood. I find that the songs themselves will speak greater than any words that I could put to type, so I’ll list them out for you, in order of play, and you can kind of judge for yourself.

Holy christ I’m glad that music exists in this world as I truly would not know where I would be without having it as an outlet. Please don’t read into this too much, just enjoy the music and let the mood overtake you.

Oh, and sorry for the stupid ad’s in front of each video – apparently, Youtube is cool like that now…

Taking Back Sunday – This Photograph is Proof (I know you)

Nirvana – About a Girl

Bobby D – Tangled Up in Blue

Staind – epiphany (don’t knock it til ya hear it, ya’ll)

Mary Prankster – Tempest (This gal is a local hero and not well known, but she’s awesome. Sorry for no real “video” but Mary never made any and apparently no one ever recorded it at a concert. Still, awesome song)

G Love – Free (Similar situation as Mary here, except G Love is from Philly…)

DMB – Dancing Nancies

Audioslave – I am the Highway (And yeah, I know he fucks up the lyrics, whatev. Don’t be judgmental, besides, the guitar solo makes up for it)

Aimee Mann – Wise Up

Nirvana – Jesus Don’t Want Me for a Sunbeam

Johnny Cash – Thirteen

Blind Melon – Toes Across the Floor

Ani DiFranco – Anyday

The Beatles – Rain



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