Unrequited Couches

25 Oct

The decor of my house is best described as eclectic. Not in the mishmash of 60’s metal and formica and dumpster dive victories kind of way, but rather of hand me downs and hot deals, somehow all managing to coordinate in my indescribably decorated home. Everything goes together as I tend to stick with wood and a basic palette of browns, muted blues and tan/yellow, but items come and items go around here when better opportunities arise. Thank the heavens above for slip covers. Who ever invented those things deserves a medal, or a lot of money, or at least a hug.

I’ve been gifted 2 couches at this point, and recently re-gifted my original couch to my dear Walter. Now I have my new couch on it’s way into storage and the old couch from my parents cabin is coming to live with me as my new new couch. It’s big and cuddly and less formal styled as the one I currently have. I like oversized things more than this low rider of a seat so I’m sending this one into the basement and starting with my third couch in a years time. But I’m happy about it – I am just as content with a new to me thing as I am with a brand new thing. Except for clothes. I love new clothes. And shoes – definitely love new shoes. OOH! And bags. I have quite the obsession when it comes to bags…wow….uh….but I digress.

Today, I spent 4 hours of my day with my father and step father delivering, setting up and leveling a new fridge, and then drinking beer while I emptied the old fridge into the new fridge, then they hauled the old fridge out and took it back to my mom and step fathers house. Most of the day, my dad and step father got along really well. At times, they even humorously, and perfectly unintentionally mirrored each other. My step father cut his finger on the new fridge, and my dad cut his a little later when he was stupidly trying to pull glass out of a dark hole in my basement. My dad finally tired of my step father running the show, and by late morning had started trying to take charge, since he’s a little better with the movement of large objects than my step father tends to be. Which is ironic as all hell. They even both, at separate moments throughout the day, looked at me and made a face as if to say “Listen to THIS shit!” and I smiled knowingly back at both of them. If only they knew.

So anyway, the reason I got the new fridge and the reason behind all of this fridge story was that my mother and step father found a fridge at Lowe’s that was a brand new $1200 fridge on sale for $600, and they’d take another $100 off if my parents took it that day. My mother was salivating at the size of the deal and just couldn’t bear to leave it for someone else to snatch up! so she called me and asked me if I was interested. A brand new fridge sounds great, especially since mine was a hand me down that was about 20 years old. While it still worked fine, it was OLD. Despite the randomness of it all, the really funny part of the deal is that they were in Deep Creek Lake – approximately 3 plus hours away. In a strange twist of fate, however, they had a trailer with them, as they were taking a new couch to the cabin, and they were supposed to be bringing me the OLD cabin couch home to be my NEW NEW couch. Capiche?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining since I just got a brand new fridge for 60% off MSRP, but I think I’m pretty much worn out from the swapping of items for a while. I’m ready to sit down and enjoy what I have for a minute and be thankful that I don’t have to worry about any huge money pits for the next 10 years. New car, new dishwasher, new fridge, new couch! Today, I got a brand new fridge and some step father/father bonding time going on, and all in all, it was a great day, but the MAIN reason for the weekend was to bring me my new new couch. So tonight, I’m listening to my new fridge make ice, still impressed with the light in the freezer and the digital display in the door, but yet something doesn’t seem quite right. Across the room, piled haphazardly on the chair, since I have almost no where else to put them for the moment, I’m staring at a pile of pillows that belong to my new new couch, the body of which still resides in DCL.


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