Mind your own

01 Oct

I’m dealing with some anger this evening and I’m not really sure how to best handle it so I’ve decided to blog about it as an outlet. A member of my extended family, who I don’t exchange more than 3 sentences with a year, for some reason, felt obligated to call my father to speak to him regarding some recent events in my life. Apparently, this information was obtained via facebook, but I’m well aware of how PUBLIC facebook is, and I can assure you that I covered my tracks to keep my situation as private as possible. I removed wall posts and any obvious notes regarding the event and so the only way this person could have gathered the information was to snoop around my profile in an attempt to be nothing more than a nosy jackass when she finally was able to pinpoint something. On top of the fact that it’s none of her business, it’s also not her story to tell – it’s MINE. I own it – I live it – I tell it.  If you’re my facebook friend, you could email ME, or reach out to ME to discuss whatever it is that you feel the need to be a part of, even though it has NOTHING to do with you. Instead of reaching out to me, however, she called my father, who I had not yet had the opportunity to speak with about the situation and the way my father is, he probably took offense that I had not mentioned this to him prior to this, putting he and I’s relationship in a bad spot. Mind you, it’s nothing life threatening, but it is my private life, and I should be able to decide who knows, and most importantly, WHEN to tell my story. Some random member of my bloodline, in my opinion, has no right to nose around my facebook profile in an attempt to dig up dirt on me, especially when she has a daughter who has a baby daddy and two other kids, and a son with drug addiction problems. Deal with your own immediate family’s problems and stay the hell out of mine.


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