If a bullfrog had wings, he wouldn’t bump his ass

23 Sep

Tomorrow, after work, I am going to get fresh ink tattooed into my flesh. The appointment had been set for weeks now, but in light of recent events, there is a new level of excitement for me. I love tattoos – I think they are beautiful and a true expression of a person and I think far too many people see a tat and incorrectly assume that the wearer is a member of Hells Angels, or a unable to hold a job. However,  Each tattoo holds a meaning and a memory to the owner and is a symbol of artistic ability and true passion to the tattoo artist.

My mother’s father passed away almost 2 decades ago, but he continues to live on due to both memories from my childhood, and all the wonderful and funny stories my mom still talks about to this day. He was a witty man, intelligent, kind enough to help out anyone who asked and balanced that with being a party hound. He wrecked more cars than I have and he threw more golf clubs into water hazards than golf balls but no one ever had a bad thing to say about him in life or death. He and my grandmother had 50 years of a happy, respectful and loving marriage and it is their relationship that I hope to one day mimic in my own life.

Each tattoo I get is symbolic for me, as it is for all who get tattoos, and I spent 2 1/2 years trying to decide on what I was going to next have permanently marked on my person. It was a memory spurred by my mother of something that my grandfather used to say that finally caused the energy efficient light bulb to burn. His pearl of wisdom was regarding how there are just some things in life that we can’t do anything about. We are born into our families with no say, we are blessed with a certain beauty and intelligence and we develop a true and honest personality over time, if we are self aware enough to pay attention. We also have to accept ourselves for what we are, and no matter how many “if’s” you throw out in defense of your wants, you just have to learn to roll with what life gives you. Despite how much we CAN control in life, there are plenty of things that we just have to accept As-Is; learning to make the best of those situations is often the only choice we have.


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