My red face is code for I’m going to pass out

02 Jun

Much to my own surprise, I joined a gym last weekend. They were running a special where I could attend a free class, and their membership rates were reduced and frankly, I need to exercise. I was recruited by the gal who does my hair, who also teaches Step Class at said gym and her Step Class was my inaugural Group Class experience. Let me just tell you this – anyone who has ever scoffed at a Step Class, repent NOW. You should have their tongue pulled out,  or you should at least go take a Step Class and let the muscle fatigue and sweat be its own proof. You seriously don’t know leg exhaustion until you’ve stepped like, 10,000 steps in an hours time – it could have been more as I stopped counting as soon as I required all of my concentration just to remember to breathe and stay conscious. My legs felt like lead, I stifled down my gag reflex and I swore that my head was going to explode more than once, but I made it through and *GASP* actually enjoyed it.

Flash forward to last night. The second gym class I’ve ever taken in my life was a Kick Class – it’s essentially Tae Bo (for those who remember Mr. Billy Blanks) with a lot of smack talk and cardio thrown in.  My new friend was kind enough to come out and take the class with me, and as we were planning it earlier, she told me that the instructor was ‘awesome’. Silly me, I was thinking she’s a cool gal, fun and the class will be a blast to take! I wasn’t entirely wrong, however, and came to find out that ‘awesome’ must be secret gym instructor code for ‘it’s going to take everything you’ve got not to fall out and frickin DIE during the class’. I roundhouse kicked, upper cut, jabbed and elbowed my imaginary opponent into submission for an hour and my stomach muscles are already protesting, but it was a beautiful feeling that I am very much looking forward to replicating time and time again. My ass may finally be on its way to shrinking, and maybe it’s those reputed endorphins, or maybe it’s because I’m proud of myself for surviving, but I couldn’t be happier. Finally.


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