Lazy persons exercise

11 May

I love getting packages in the mail and I don’t care where they came from, nor do I get any less enjoyment out of them if I purchased the item myself. I’ve mastered the art of tracking packages and I start checking the tracking websites out daily from the moment the information becomes available and sometimes, I check it more than just once per day, ok, maybe more like 10 times per day, but only on the scheduled date of delivery. And the day before, just in case it makes it there early. There is something deeply gratifying to come home to a nice big, box of something fun and today, that need was satisfied by the Reebok Easy Tone that finally made their way from South Carolina to my front porch. The only thing that could have made the moment sweeter would have been if I were actually home at the time of delivery so that I could have enjoyed the most instantaneous of instant gratifications and didn’t have the sweaty palms of anticipation since 11:42 am, when the tracking site indicated that my package had been delivered. But alas, I couldn’t justify calling out sick today just to wait out the delivery guy.

I’m hoping that they make some sort of difference in my ass and legs tone, as they promise to do, although I am aware that my ass and legs are in much greater need than the probably convoluted 28% improvement which the shoes promise. The good news is that I can wear them while working out, and one of their other claims to fame is their ability to decrease foot fatigue and pain – which I am definitely ALL about, being as flat-footed as a board as I am.

In an attempt to chronicle my life in writing (i.e. get back into blogging routinely), and as a means to hopefully motivate myself to keep moving forward with exercise and weight loss, I’m going to try to blog at least several times a week specifically around what movement I’ve been able to coax out of this blob of a body, and what I feel the Reebok Easy Tone shoes (registered trademark) may have contributed. There will be no random percentages pulled out of my ass as a means to entice you into purchasing said registered trademark shoe for yourself, but rather, I anticipate this to be an experiment in humility, humor and hopefully, some damn good writing.


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