*Think AC/DC* I’m back in TYE DYYYYYYE!!

28 Jan

Today I worked from home. Mostly because my job is awesome, but also mostly because it was icy and snowy out and I reverted back to 6th grade where snow meant no school, a wet butt and hot chocolate in front of the fireplace. And as I sit here, trying to find the inspiration that I lost over 6 months ago, I realized that my awesome job and my Pavlovian response to the white stuff have been part of what’s kept me from leaving my immediate property since Saturday afternoon. It’s Wednesday. And added to THAT insanity is the repressed anger that I’m currently feeling towards the kids that came by earlier today to shovel my sidewalk, who forgot to mention that their service was prorated based on the amount of cash that they were given to do it. Apparently, $10 bucks buys you 3/4 of a shoveled sidewalk. And even stranger than my green/blue plaid pant and tye dye shirt attire is the fact that I am totally ok with ALL of that.

I expressed my concern of possibly being labeled as a shut-in the same way any normal woman in her mid to late 20’s does – via gmail and facebook status updates, of course! – and it was my dear Walter who summed it all up into a neat little package for me:

It doesn’t make you a shut in. It’s totally ok that you never leave your house, get mad at the neighborhood kids, and are outnumbered by animals 4 to 1.

Ouch. Sometimes the truth hurts. But in a seriously hysterical way. This is my life, you CAN’T make this shit up.


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