I’m sorry I’m an idiot

20 May

It’s a wonderful thing when you feel like your world is changing and then have some sort of justification of it proving to yourself that you AREN’T losing your mind, and in fact, might actually be experiencing your world, as it changes. My justification comes in the ways of horoscopes. Many consider them useless little blurbs of mumbo-jumbo that someone who claims to have studied astrology throws together to give their lives meaning because they aren’t intelligent enough to make it through astro-physics school. But not me. I put more faith in my horoscope then I do in the presidential elections. I hold my horoscope in a higher regard than I do the Pope. I see my horoscope as a greater good in my life then it would be to win the lotto. Basically, I live and breath it.

Some of my obsession may have to do with the fact that I obsess over things, anyway. I get so fixated on things that even wild horses couldn’t drag me away. Granted, my obsessive behaviors ARE getting better – I actually pumped gas the other week and it cost me something other than A WHOLE DOLLAR AMOUNT. Honestly, that was the first time in as long as I can remember where I wasn’t compulsively driven to overflow my gas tank, just to guarantee that whole dollar amount on the receipt. I can’t admit to having done it SINCE, but hey, even once is a step! And unfortunately for me, in addition to my obsessiveness, I am also a control FREAK. I would rather drink rancid milk as my only source of fluid for a week STRAIGHT then just LET GO of something. I can’t explain my issue with having to know what the future holds, nor can I explain away the unnatural NEED that I have to “guide” people and happenings along the path that I wish them to follow. Guess that’s as good of reason as any (as if I needed any to BEGIN WITH) which guarantees that I’m gonna go back to therapy tomorrow.

So, a basic understanding of my freakish control issues in addition to my obsessiveness was imperative in order for you to fully comprehend the reality of my rationale and the importance of… My horoscope:

You need to finish up your old business as the Sun moves through interactive Gemini this month. Projects that you began over the winter should now be nearing completion. Forget about the regular calendar; your year is coming to a close, so you must do everything you can to prepare to begin anew as summer rolls around.

Somehow, all seems right with the world today.


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