If it ain’t one thing, it’s another

14 May

When I have a particular man er, MALE that I had dated, sending me random, strange, cryptic text messages regarding my love-ability vs. my craziness, is it really ANY doubt why I am in therapy?!

I was cursed DO’H! blessed with a ridiculously text book case of Cancerian astrological qualities. Anything you’ve ever heard or read about Cancers = ME. I’ve shared before that I am a religious zealot when it comes to reading my horoscope. I’m like, the Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder Day Saints, if they believed in horoscopes and not Jesus. Ok, so I’m less like The CJCLDS and maybe more like a Pagan or something, but the fact remains that it’s not what or who you have faith in, it’s just that you have faith. So, with that in mind, may I share with you, my Gospel of the day – my horribly fantastic horoscope:

The boundaries between friendship and romance could be blurred today as Neptune dissolves your 8th House of Intimacy. You are eager to be in a fun-filled social setting now, placing you in close proximity with people you like. Tread carefully, for your emotional needs can lure you into tricky waters.

Had I only READ my horoscope beforehand, I probably never would have responded to that damn text which in turn has given me enough to chew on for the next two days that I’ll barely have to eat.


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