Say hello to my little friend

23 Apr

Ok, so two years ago, this month, my ex moved out and I essentially began my life altering transition into what normal people like to call REALITY. Needless to say, I was ridiculously inexperienced in such a genre and I fell relatively quickly, facedown into a writhing pool of deprecating self-hatred. During this period of my life, I stifled my urges to commit Harri Kari by actually ACCOMPLISHING tasks and doing things that I wanted to do, HOW I wanted them done. One of the first tasks I took to was the refurbishing of my pond. I got a pump set up, had a waterfall tray installed, got a lily pad and even bought some fish. It was a daunting and SMELLY task, but it definitely brought me joy to hear the water and to see my fishies swimming around in there. And just because no REAL pond is complete without tadpoles, I also stole a handful of frog eggs from a friend of mine, who also has a pond, and threw them in, too, all the while hoping for the best.

Well, here we are 2 complete rotations of the sun later , and one of those little tadpoles is still coming back to visit. I must say that there is something really fantastic about the whole scenario, it really just makes me smile. I guess it’s just the fact that this one, lonesome foster frogger, who probably isn’t even accomplishing his one main goal in life, still continues to come back to his ol’ stompin’ grounds every year, and continues to sit in that SAME. DAMN. SPOT. That’s how I know he’s back, cause one day, I just look at that spot, and there he is. I know it’s a little early, but I’m planning a Welcome Home! party for his springtime arrival NEXT year. All are welcomed.



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