18 Feb

It’s becoming more and more apparent that there are just no decent days in my week anymore. Mondays are just notoriously shitty, and lately, every other day has been just as notorious in my life. I feel like I struggle to catch a break most days, and this particular monday was no exception.

This morning, I walked out the door to my garage (which, BTW, is NOT attached to my house) as I do every morning, to get into my car and go to work. Sadly, there was a flaw in that typical logic and the powers that be decided to throw me for a loop first thing in the morning. Apparently, I have superhuman strength as I BROKE MY KEY OFF IN THE LOCK. The only lock, to the only door to get into my garage. Whoo effing hoo. I fear for what the rest of this week may bring…

Broken Key


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