Dazzled by my own brilliance

10 Feb

As many may already know, I’ve recently bought myself a Zune mp3 player, and let me just tell you that I love this thing more than I loved my ex. Honestly, I can’t imagine a thing in this world that I am as pleased about purchasing as I am with this thing. It kept me amused my ENTIRE flight to Hawai’i (which was the main reason for buying it) and each day that passes, I come up with another reason (excuse) to be listening to my Zune, instead of dealing with what’s going on in the world surrounding me.

First off all – it’s a piece of effing cake to get started. The packaging gives you a website to upload the program and from there on out, you can either upload your entire collection via your Windows Media Player (Zune is Microsoft, remember?) OR you can pick and choose which songs, videos and/or pics you’d like to fill your mb’s with. Additionally, and I just remembered this recently, the damn thing comes with the radio!! I was all like, DUDE! AND! Get this, IT TELLS YOU WHO THE ARTIST IS AND WHAT THE NAME OF THE SONG IS! Seriously, could it get any awesomer?? Oh, it can.

I listen to it all day, every day at work, too. People there are now so accustomed to me not being able to hear them due to my mp3-ing, that I’ve noticed everyone checks both sides of my head before they begin speaking to me. I do purposefully leave one ear bud out so that I CAN hear everything, so I find it uber-amusing when people think I can’t hear them, and then say shit they don’t want me to hear. Heh heh. Got ya, ya sunsabitches. Now what?! Evil brilliance? Oh yes, I believe that it is.

I would have to say that the surpassing genius usage so far has been because of my mission today: I took it to the grocery store with me. Somehow, through that simple act, I managed to make the most mundane chore in existence actually fun. I might have appeared slightly mental-ward worthy to most as I danced up and down the aisles while singing everything from The Beatles to Citizen Cope, but I’ll be damned if I wasn’t amused! *smile* Needless to say, I can usually run in and out of the Giant, even while spending ungodly amounts of money, in less than 30 minutes; but due to the fact that I wasn’t hating every moment of shopping cart bumping into your Achilles heel/aisle hogging/yes,-I-was-looking-at-that-last-box-of-Kashi-granola-bars-TOO-but-sure-you-can-have-it-you-jackass kinda fun that ensues at the grocery store, I was there for AN HOUR! I KNOW!

So, the next time you see or hear someone singing to themselves and dancing through the grocery store, please remember that they probably don’t need medication, they are more than likely just insane enough to maintain sanity in this world. And if they happen to be a male, send ’em my way.


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