Always the photographer, never the photographed

30 Jan

This might seem a bit self indulgent to many, but to me, it’s just plain fun. *smile* Just because I can, and because I think it’s important to know what the face, or more rightly so, the ass, that is associated with this distorted mind looks like, here are a couple gratuitous shots of me, taken by others. Cause self-portraits are just a pain in the ass.

Thanks go out to my mother’s long time friend, Pat, and his wife (who live in Maui, the lucky bastards), that were gracious enough to have toured Walter and I around North Shore while we were there visiting. Apparently, he snuck in a few shots of me that I was unaware of…Although I will say that it is nice to see how much of an idiot I look like while snapping away. Well, at least while waiting for the right shot, and then missing it.


Me at Kahakuloa Head, Maui

This bit of fun is thanks to my wonderful friend, Walter. Unbeknownst to me, she also snuck in a few sneak attack shots. Sometimes you end up in slightly uncomfortable positions in order to get the angle that you’re looking for. And me, with my wee little digital (which, BTW, takes all of the fantastic pictures that I post) well, I just look extra ridiculous while aiming up.

Credit due to Walter Bean for this shot

Credit due to Walter Bean for this shot

And I just noticed that despite the fact that these adventures were on 2 different days, I was wearing the SAME PANTS… What can I say? I packed light for a weekend in Maui.


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