My brain is soft like brie cheese.

07 Jan

I’ll tell ya, sometimes I really think that the universe conspires against me. Just as I get ready to leave for a FANTASTIC vacation in literal paradise, I’m being bombarded at work, one of my best friends is in need of serious aide as her abusive boyfriend had finally pushed her to the point that she knows she needs to get out, my dear sister who I love is on my ass almost daily regarding things for her October 2008 wedding and I am totally in need of some RELEASE with no hope of getting any. At least, not yet.

I know I am most likely blowing this all WAY out of proportion, but I cannot help but feel annoyed and stressed out right now, a whole 36 hours before my departing flight to Hawai’i. I spent most of this weekend in Happy La-La Land getting my house in order, getting packed and booking reservations on Maui for a hostel and a car, and I was hoping that the only 2 days that I have to work this entire week were going to be a cake walk. Silly me, there I go expecting too much out of people again! ARGH!

Suddenly, I feel the need to inflict frustration and aggravation upon others….I think the dogs are getting a bath tonight. *smile* Sorry kids, but you stink anyway.


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