2007: Well, that Sucked!

03 Jan

Please allow me to put this into perspective for you: This time last year, I was filing a police report. 

My garage had been broken into, my car had been broken into and my entire lifetime’s worth of a cd collection (which, as a point of reference, had minimally 115 cd’s in it. And those were just the ones that I could think of for the cops) had been stolen. On New Year’s effing Day. What a way to start out the year, right? On day one, I had the sad realization that 2007 was not going to be my year.

It proved to be a relatively true trail for the rest of the other 364 days of this year past. What, with the constant relationship disappointments (read my blog – HA) and the Blind Melon concert/Philadelphia calamity , my depression, my lack of motivation, my binge drinking, my job change (which happened before I started this blog, therefore, there are no posts) and my constant annoyance with life in general, 2007 pretty much sucked my ass. Not to mention all the other little trivial things which just added to my already-struggling-to-deal-with existance. I am honored to say that, THANKFULLY, the even numbered 2008 has already proven itself to be far superior to the odd numbered 2007. Fuck odd numbers.

Despite the fact that I spent New Year’s Eve having dinner with my parents, and then passing out alone in my bed at 11:30 p.m., I can already feel the planets aligning in my favor. I can feel the tides turning and the gravitational pull shifting in my direction. Besides, my annual horoscope for 2008 told me so! 

Most of my positive vantage of this coming year comes from the fact that I have a fast approaching, AMAZINGLY AWESOME trip to Hawai’i planned to visit my high school friend Walter, in which I will be visiting not one, oh no, but TWO islands while I’m there! I fly into Oahu, where Walter is stationed (that’s isle #1) and the second of which shall be Maui, as an old friend of my mother’s resides there and has agreed to humor Walter and I by meeting us on the island and possibly taking us around for a tour. While on Maui, Walter and I are going to hike Haleakala, too! They say you could fit Manhattan inside the crater! We’re also going to take Walter’s Famous Jeep Tour around Oahu, we’re going to possibly go snorkeling, we’re going to hit up some awesome party venues thanks to the fantasticly fabulous Atherton Bartelby AND we’re going to drink ourselves stupid as often as possible. *smile* How could ANYONE not enjoy themselves?!

So to 2007, I say this:

You sucked. I am glad to be rid of you and may I never see the likes of you again. GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH!

To 2008:

Thank you for all the fantasticness that you have already given me, and may the fun continue into February, and beyond. *wink*

Onward and Upward, my friends! To bigger and better things! May everyone receive more of what that they want out of life. Happiness and Peace to all! SALUD!


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3 responses to “2007: Well, that Sucked!

  1. Atherton Bartelby

    January 3, 2008 at 9:22 pm

    Are you packed yet, my dear? *wink*

    I could not agree with you more regarding 2007 versus 2008; it already feels, only three days into the new cycle, that things are looking up and generally far more positive for myself and for my close circle of friends who also experienced less-than-stellar years in 2007. So here’s to nothing but more happiness, positivity, and fabulousness for you in 2008! (Not to mention a positively epic Island vacation! *smile*)

  2. Unrequited Life

    January 4, 2008 at 11:27 am

    Honestly? Not a piece of underwear even! HA! But that is how I’m planning on spending my weekend…

    Well, I would expect nothing less from my fellow, how did you put it, emo Cancerian?? *smile*

    Thanks be to the powers that be!

  3. Atherton Bartelby

    January 4, 2008 at 6:54 pm

    Ha ha ha! Yes, fellow emo Cancerians! Emo Crabs Unite!

    And hey, no worries; I’m always commando even when I’m NOT in board shorts, so don’t even bother packing them! You’ll fit right in! *wink*


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