It’s snowing!

05 Dec

Had my camera battery not so unkindly died on me just moments ago, I would have bedazzled you with a few photo’s of the first snowfall of the season, of December and of Russel’s life. Unfortunately, I’m way to lazy to charge the battery just enough to upload the pics and then fix ’em up and then post them at this point, so by default, I shall tell you instead about me getting propositioned this evening by 4 young men.

Now, I know it’s difficult not to, and I am definitely as perverse as the next dudette, but by no means was this along those lines, although I seriously wouldn’t mind a tall, dark haired, blue eyed man who is legally able to buy alcohol knocking on my door right about now with the type of proposition that would make my mother blush…but, sadly, that is not this story. These 4 young men were so young, I could have given birth to them. In fairness, I would have had to have been barely pubescent and with the medial life aspiration of getting and remaining indefinitely on welfare, but still. These 4 boys offered their services in the form of shoveling my sidewalk for a ridiculously, one time only fee of “$0.50 a piece!” said 3 of them in stereo. Then the forth chirped up with “$1.00 each! A dollar!!” and then I told that one that he should grow up and be a lawyer. I of course, had no cash, so the poor kids got paid in quarters, but they didn’t care in the least. One of them was so excited over it that he dropped all of his quarters on my porch and I had to help him pick them up as his little gloved fingers didn’t have the dexterity to grab hold of the sides of the coins. I think that my willingness to provide them with an entire dollar, even though it weighed more than it was worth, made them shovel my walk extra good like. *smile*

Fifteen minutes and $4.00 later, I had a cleaned off sidewalk, a smile on my face and a post worthy event. Sometimes, living in a town so small you can spit from one end to the other has it’s upsides, like when the neighborhood children are safe to walk house to house shoveling snow from the sidewalk for a buck a piece.


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