Finishing up NaBloPoMo

28 Nov

I must say that when I first was introduced to NaBloPoMo, I was hesitant to join. The purpose of the whole deal is to post at least once a day, every day, during the month of November. My blogging career is still virginal, at best, and I was concerned that it would be a huge hurdle that I wouldn’t be able to leap over. Thankfully, my head only let me down a couple of times and even during those episodes, I was still able to fire enough synapses to think of SOMETHING to post about. As we finish out the last couple days of National Blog Posting Month, I am proud to say that I did not cheat, even once, on a post date. Well, ok, ONCE, but it was the day after daylight saving time did it’s thing and I was typing during the literal 23rd hour and when I published it, it showed the NEXT day, due to the fact that I had not yet adjusted my blog’s time and midnight had rolled over. But, hell, I don’t even consider that “cheating” persay, as I really was posting on the appropriate day…but the time got all fucked up.  That’s not my fault, though! Right??

I think that this has definitely been  a positive experience for me in the aiding of my writing abilities – it is kinda like riding that bike, once you learn, you never really forget. But you do need a tune up after it sits for a while – and secondly, as a blogger. I am, by nature, a ridiculously open extrovert. By no means am I someone to run around my house naked every chance I get, but I do wear my heart on my sleeve and if I have something to say, I typically don’t know how to keep my thoughts to myself. Although, my closest friends say that is the reason that they love me as much as they do, but I think they just know that I am much easier to get along with when I can vent. *smile* This serves as my precious ability to vent, and I’m beginning to realize that I don’t think I would be as composed as I currently am if I were not able to ramble on and on about nothing whenever I wanted to. This is probably the difference between the somber acceptance of one of the worst things to ever happen to me and an outlandish admission into a Psych Ward for an extended stay.

Today as I pondered over a post topic, I fumbled across a song that I did not know existed. I am very sad that I didn’t know that this song existed as it is fucking fantastic. I know I post a lot of Ani DiFranco lyrics, but you have to admit, the woman really does have a way with words. She can manipulate the language in such a way that I can identify with every song. Somehow, it’s like she really is me but I just didn’t know it. Somehow, she is telling my life to millions of people through song. Somehow, I can always find what I’m looking for when I browse her music and this song definitely hit home with my mindset today. I’m stuck between honoring my word and giving in to my compulsions. Believe me, it is a STRUGGLE.

Ani DiFranco, yes again but it is SO worth it, with How have you been?

You could always hear the rub squeaking
of those two tree limbs
’til one day one of them came down,
taken down by the wind.
But on the one that’s still there
you can still see where the bark was
rubbed bare.
It’s a metaphor if you know what I mean
How have you been?

Me and you
and your girlfriend makes three
In the interest of even numbers
I will make myself scarce
I will make myself scarcely me
But I’ll be outside your window at night
pull up your shades
leave on your light
I don’t want to come in between
I just want to know
how have you been?

I leave for a living
music’s just something I do
On my way out the door
and I’d do almost anything once
something about you
I think I’d do you more
if I had my way I’d stay here
and watch your hair grow for a while
It makes me smile just to dream of it
How have you been?


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