Today I realized…Part Deux

25 Nov
  • that Thanksgiving is less about the day it’s celebrated on and more about the actuality of being Thankful for the things that you have.
  • even though I FEEL like sitting upon my ever widening ass whilst eating graham crackers with peanut butter, it’s just a better idea to get up and do something to get my mind off my problems. Thinking about them continuously does NOT make them better, or go away. Besides, making myself thin and gorgeous, I’m imagining, would be such a fantastic revenge that I’ll, hopefully, forget all about trying to eat my misery away while I’m basking in all the man attention I can handle. ::Wishful thinking::
  • I think I need to post larger pictures. I always make them so small and then assume that people will check out my flickr page to see the larger ones, but then I remembered that to “assume” something, you just make an “ASS” out of “U” and “ME” so I decided to post them as a larger size. Problem solved.
  • lastly, that my poor cats have been very neglected on this site. I’m sorry, kids!! (As IF they would ever hold it against me, or even read this…) So in honor of my beautiful cats, mostly to make up for the fact that not one post yet has been devoted to them, here are a couple shots of my feline family.

This is Smokey. He’s a little odd, but you can’t hold it against him. Take for example this photo: I have no clue what he’s staring at. I guess it was the reflection on the floor or something. But he was just chilling on the floor in the kitchen one day…I wonder if he was hitting the catnip a little too hard or something? Serious though, you really should see him chase the hell out of a laser pointer! Hmmm, I just gave myself a post idea. *smile*

And this fluffy thing is the only other female in my house: Chance. She’s exceptional at playing “possum.” She is not nearly so cute and inocent appearing in person, may I assure you. One time, I had gone away for a weekend and left the 2 cats with a big ol’ bowl of food and a huge bowl of water and 2 clean litter boxes – I even left the radio on – which I thought would have been enough to appease any cat…but I was very, very wrong. In fact, they were not pacified with my thoughtful planning ahead, they apparently would much rathered I NOT have gone anywhere. And in retaliation for my “abandonment” – that silver lamp that she lays so quietly next to in this picture was ON THE FLOOR when I got home that weekend. As well as things being pulled off my counter top, a bag was in the hall upstairs and ripped into tiny pieces, not to mention the fact that somehow my darlings figured out how to tip over one of their litterboxes. I couldn’t even begin to imagine how…Yet despite the fact that they run around the house like a frickin’ herd of elephants at 3 o’clock in the morning, and even though they jump right in the middle of my belly when they jump on the bed at night with such force it literally forces the wind out of me, and regardless as to the fact that they shed so much I have dust kitteh’s under my bed and furniture, I am very blessed and lucky to have ALL of my pets. And I wouldn’t trade any of them for any man in the world.  


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2 responses to “Today I realized…Part Deux

  1. walterbean

    November 26, 2007 at 12:22 pm

    I LOVE that picture of Smokey! They’re such good kittys. I’m glad they got some of the spotlight too!

  2. Unrequited Life

    November 26, 2007 at 12:59 pm

    Yeah, I figured they were due for some exposure! *smile*


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