18 Nov

Yeah, I’m copping out on actually writing a post today as I was out at a bar last night, yes again, and I am STRUGGLING! So instead, I decided to show off the macro setting of my camera. Please keep in mind, the setting is only as good as the user…Ah Hem. But here are a couple Booby Bead close ups, as well as my battle wound from last eve. I’m counting this as my post today as I feel no motivation as of yet to really say anything remotely important…Besides, since I know myself pretty well, I’d say that all of this drinking (to the point of, I’m ashamed to admit, regurgitation last evening…fucking Jager Bombs…) was a vain attempt to not have to deal with something. Hmmm, I wonder what that could be????

So here’s my drunken Owie from last night. I somehow or another managed to hold onto the cherry of my cigarette with my first and middle fingers of my right hand long enough to evoke a 2nd degree burn. I remember the synaptic response of it burning/hurting, but I must have been really delayed in my actual reaction. I didn’t think that I held on to it long enough to make this ridiculous blister! It’s like, half of my frickin’ finger!! And I can’t stop poking at it with my finger nail in a strange, slightly sadistic attempt to see how much pressure I can put on it without popping it, cause that would reeeeeaaaaaalllllly hurt. I’m a bit of a glutton for punishment, so it seems…


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