Fall is here! Aaaaannnnnnd my yard needs to be raked…

17 Nov

In the fantastic KeyStone State of Pennsylvania in which I reside, fall is finally upon us in all of it’s glory. It came rather late this year, as the leaves are usually fallen from all trees by this time. My yard actually needs to be mowed, and raked at the same time. Talk about a conflict of interest! Forgive my poor yard-work as last week there were a few leaves here and there and that was all. They kinda fell, overnight. Things will get cleaned up, but right now, I’m just enjoying the view and the weather. The colors have brightened the most this past week after we got some rain and cool weather. There are plenty of yellow’s and red’s and orange’s throughout the neighborhood and I can even smell a fireplace once in a while. The weather has changed to much so that I think I might make myself a cup of hot chocolate shortly.

I realized I hadn’t documented the development of my kids lately. So, here are a few shots that are so new you can still smell the digital chemicals. TAKEN JUST THIS AFTERNOON! May you lay your eyes upon a couple of the cutest fucking pups you’ll ever, well, lay your eyes on. Yeah. So anyway, these are my children.


Since Russel learned how to carry THE ball, he’s been such a lil’ helper. He “helps” Karn bring the ball back, which usually consists of the ball getting to me, then Karn lets go so that I can kick THE ball, then Russel steals it, runs away, and Karn chases after him. ::Repeat as necessary:: Sometimes I can get my foot on THE ball and spit out “Russel! NO!” That doesn’t happen often…

Russ and Karn

It’s hard to believe that Russel is just six months old and that Karn is two years and a half. It’s really hysterical how low to the ground he is…I mean, a six month old Jack Russel stands as tall at the shoulder as he does! Handsome boys though, aren’t they?

Karney and his ball

I swear to Christ, sometimes I think he loves THE ball more than me!

Russel Stealing

This would be Step 4, which is directly following Step 3 as stated in banter below Photo 1. Russel stealing THE ball.

Karney and THE ball

Yeah, this is what I’m talking about…Oh! To be a dog. *smile*


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