Today I realized…

15 Nov
  • that life will always go on. Even though I may not like what’s going on…I can’t stop it. Unfortunately.
  • that when you heat velveeta for too long, it boils. Well, more like, it blows bubbles. I am not shitting you. It’s like blowing cheesy, ooey gooey bubbles from a Magic Bubble Wand.
  • for the first time, that Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK. I had to sit, slack jawwed in my chair for a moment on that one. Where the shit did summer go? Actually, fuck summer! Where the hell did OCTOBER go?!  I feel like the last 10 months were never lived! Or at least, somehow erased from my memory. But I can’t figure that one out.
  • that if Thanksgiving is next week, that means….HOLY SHIT! Christmas is less than 6, yes, less than 6 weeks away! I need to start shopping! Sunova!! Shit! Ok, panicking!…panicking!….panicking!…
  • that despite a mini panic attack at the mere thought of *GASP* Christmas being around the corner…I am, very happily, only 56 fucking sweet. ass. days. until my HAWAIIAN VACATION!! Whoo whoo!!  

That is all, aaaaand I thank you.


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