My Spiritual Analysis, revisited

09 Nov

The other day when I saw that spiritualist, she mentioned before my reading that some of the things she was maybe going to say may not make sense right now, but she suggested to write it down and look back on it in the next couple of days. So, I was talking to my mom on our respective ways to our respective homes tonight and I brought this visit up to her. It went a little like this:

“So the other night when I went out with my friend, I went to see a spritualist,” I said.

“Oh, really? I think that stuff is really neat, I believe in it.” said my mother.

“Really? That’s cool, mom. I really wanted to talk to you about something that happened. During my reading, this girl works as a bit of a medium, too, and some stuff came through from Gram.” *read: My mother’s mother who passed in 2000*

“Really? Like what?”

“Well, something was said about the color pink. She said Gram was showing her the color pink to validate her being who she was. I can’t figure it out other than it being the bleeding heart plant that we all have. Do you know what the pink part is about?”

“Oh, well, that was her favorite color.”



“Really?!?!” I asked astonishingly.

“Yeah… that was always her favorite color.”

Holy. Mother. Of. God. Is that some crazy shit or what?!?! If anyone wants this gals phone number, I’m happy to give referrals.

Lest I forget, I absolutely love my awesomely open minded momma. *smile*


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