I could think of something waaay better to spend 6 digits on…

09 Oct

On my way to work, I travel a very busy highway. It’s not unusual for me to see someone putting on their makeup or eating their breakfast. Hell, one morning I saw a van full of balloons. No joke. But I would have to say that this morning really took the proverbial cake – All I could envision after laying eyes on this thing was me behind the massive steering wheel, driving over the asshats of the world who want to a) rubberneck as we drive past a car pulled onto the shoulder of the road or 2) drive 60 car lengths behind the guy in front of them Monster Truckor worse yet 3) drive SO SLOW the fucking birds are flying faster into a headwind! Argh! But, all pent up aggression aside, I then realized how absolutely ridiculous this vehicle actually was. Essentially, this baby is a street legal monster truck. Like those ones we see in the dirt arenas which attract fans of NASCAR and tractor pulls. International’s CXT boasts an impressive 7 miles to the gallon of DIESEL, it costs a mere $95,000 for a BASELINE model, if you want all the amenities, like your own butler to wipe your ass, you could shell out as much as $300,000!

International CXT

International CXT

Monster Truck!

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