T.G.I.F. my white ass…

05 Oct

There was a time in my life when Friday’s were a time of rejoicing. Afterall, the work week was completed at 5pm today and we were free to revel in all that is our glorious personal lives from now until 8am on Monday morning. So why is it that this day, which should be all about Lollipops and Gummi Bears, ended up being such a big ol’ pile of dog shit for most?

My one dear friend is getting married in approximately 9 days, if you don’t count today. Needless to say, she’s already stressed out – mostly because of her usual ridiculously perfect Type A personality. (You know I love you!) But instead of having to cope with merely the usual pre-marital cold feet and nail biting jitters, she is, instead, fighting with her fiance and her soon to be Mother-In-Law over 3 people who never received their wedding invitations. The Wedding is 9 days away…I don’t think those 3 folks are going to make it. I’m sure it goes without saying that she didn’t have a very good Friday.

Another friend of mine is grappling with an essentially life changing decision – should she? Shouldn’t she? Whatever the Fates have woven into the cloth of her future can be changed with one little decision. She’s been plagued with the What-If’s and the Should-I’s and the maybes. The only thing she should have to worry about is what she wants to drink tonight, instead, she’s plagued by a mental onslaught of uncertainty. For her sake and mine, I shall not launch into specifics, but the fact remains – this day has given her nothing to be thankful about, either!

Besides the fact that it’s an annoying acronymn to being with, there are no “Thanks be to Gods” happening around this joint. In fact, the only time today I’ve heard *His* name used was when it was followed by a “damnit!” Now that I think about it, I was the only one to use the Lord’s name today. Albeit in vain, but let’s not get particular here, folks. I’m already going to hell, it’s just a matter of when. Yet still, the fact remains that somehow, right in front of our strained, dry eyes, Friday’s have slowly metamorphosized into Monday’s. Now, instead of having a ridiculously crazy-ass busy day where no one is happy, everyone feels ill and the phone is incessantly ringing setting the tone of the work week, Fridays  exhibit similar symptoms as Mondays, but they allude a miserable weekend at home. Fair? I think not! It’s like the Space-Time Continuum has been ripped into itty, bitty pieces, and it took all of our preconceived notions of Fridays and shat on them. So, please, forgo the use of the phrase “Thank God It’s Friday,” whether in it’s entirety or in the annoying acronymn way. It’s not Thanksgiving, folks, and you know it too: Friday’s have become just another bullshit day of the week reserved for battling traffic jams, getting stressed out and being thankful to finally be home.


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